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Frequently Asked Questions & Facts

 01  Who is the Owner and President of American Color?

For as long as he can remember, third generation grower Ed Van Hoven grew up working in the greenhouse business. Ed’s grandfather, Aart Van Wingerden, and his father, Jerry Van Hoven, instilled in Ed a work ethic that is unmatched throughout the industry. They modeled for him what it meant to work hard, help others, and leave the rest up to God. Growing up in the business, Ed was able to learn all of the ins and outs of the greenhouse industry. This has helped him immensely, as he started American Color, Inc. with nothing but a good work ethic, his faith in God, and his family supporting him every step of the way.

Ed started the business with his wife, Gwen, and their two children, Brandon and Brooke. Brandon has grown up in the business just like his father did, and hopes to carry on the family legacy of growing gorgeous flowers right here in Orange, Virginia at American Color.

 02  What is the vision of American Color?

Our vision at American Color is to glorify God throughout our business dealings with our employees, our customers, and anyone God places in our path. The best way we know is to work as hard as we can in order to not only give the best possible product and service to our customers, but to also use our blessings to giving back to those less fortunate. 



 03 How does American Color Give back? 

Social Engagement in Guatemala  


American Color was founded on the principle that all the blessings that we have are given to us by God, and we are to use those blessings to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Those blessings come in various forms, both in talents as well as finances. American Color has always desired to use both of those blessings in reaching out, and from that desire Bountiful Plant Ministries was born.

Bountiful Plant Ministries was started after a survey trip to Guatemala in February of 2007. The survey trip created a desire in Ed Van Hoven and his cousin Ron van der Hengst to start an agricultural business patterned after the model of their grandfather, the late Aart van Wingerden, founder of Double Harvest. To bring their vision to life, the cousins partnered with Estuardo Arriaga to create Bountiful Plant Ministries

 04  Can I tour the greenhouse?

Yes! We provide greenhouse tours to different groups and organizations by appointment only. 


It would be our pleasure to show you around our greenhouse facility. Tours generally take between 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the time of year and how much product is in the facility. On the tour you will see not only many beautiful flowers, but you will also see some of the processes and equipment used for seeding, the technology behind our watering systems, and even get a chance to meet some of the growers that spend their time and effort making sure the plants come out as beautiful as possible.

 05  I am Wholesaler.  May I buy plants from American Color?

Yes! If you have a Certificate showing you are a Wholesaler, you may become a customer.  Please call and speak with Paul to learn more.  We are available for pre-orders and pick ups are available on Fridays.

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